Rising Sea Levels Threaten Our Economy

Digital Ocean partnered with the National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP) to bring you four videographics that illustrate the economic importance of the oceans. We hope that you will use these videographics to tell a wide variety of stories about coastal vulnerability and the economic importance of the oceans.

A healthy economy requires a sustainable relationship with our ocean. In many coastal metropolitan areas the entire infrastructure of the economy is under threat because the area is not prepared for flooding associated with even the most conservative models of sea level rise. NOEP identified five metropolitan areas at the greatest risk from sea level rise: New York City, San Diego, Miami-Dade, Norfolk, and Houston. The threat to the infrastructure along the coast in these metropolitan areas will have a huge ripple effect on the local, state and national economies. Many places are already begining to feel the effects of coastal flooding associated with sea level rise. If you want to learn more check out NOEP's database on coastal economics.

These videographics are shared with you, free of charge, because we think that it is of the utmost importance that people have the resources to tell stories about the blue economy. 



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